Overhaul your PvE system

Don't worry, this isn't a mindless flame post, just a suggestion.

Major parts of the PvE system are lacking a lot, especially considering the low playerbase the server has. The Quest Helper is almost useless, giving no real good info after the first few quests, and the Quests themselves often tell you to go to the wrong places (there are many quests where it says go west or east when the quest actually needs you to go somewhere else). That, and the gold rewards are very low for the time it takes to complete them. The Chicken Run quest takes a few minutes at best and rewards the same amount of gold as the quest Flying Menace, which took me over 45 minutes to complete (including travel times).

The Rares in Un'goro are very unfair, and there are no other players to group up with and kill the rares with, so what's the point? Maybe nerf them so that they're still a challenge but don't just kill you easily within a few seconds.

Also, the lack of 5-man content really doesn't give your players much to do other than PvP in the same 4 bgs (though only 3 are ever seen, and only at certain times of day) and quest. Adding some of the high level classic dungeons like Dire Maul or Blackrock Spire could bring some players to the server or even make some players return, as well as give people RP rewards or even straight up gear.

Final point, I think you should make the premium RP bonus affect PvE content as well. It sucks when you pay for premium, nobody logs in for bgs and therefore your bonus is effectively useless.

These changes will make your server more fun to play on, especially during the times of day where nobody is online (I live in the GMT timezone and currently at 11am there is only 2 others online.)

Thanks for reading!

Re: Overhaul your PvE system

I will say the directions of the quests are correct. They've taken me to the right places to complete the quests.

I will second the rewards you are talking about, example the chicken gathering quest. It takes no time at all for the reward but some others take very long and give almost the same rewards.

When it comes to the rare spawns, I can easily solo a couple then the others are like raid bosses hehe. I'm not sure if that is what is intended, but I've noticed this as well.

I absolutley LOVE the fact of more PvE, specially on a server with some downtime ( not peak hours ). I would love to see some newly scripted mobs/bosses with new mechanics and stories behind them. We've done these normal instances 100s if not 1000s of times through our WoW careers.

I also love the idea of giving more of a boost through PVE with premium. I can hardly use it due to moments of downtime. Now don't get me wrong when the server is poppin' and BGs are in full effect it's amazing, but during the down time some use of our premium would be amazing.

Re: Overhaul your PvE system

I honestly like the idea, but I'm very unsure what instances/zones to pick. What about scaling down vanilla raids to 5 man dungeons? The quest helpers however should take you to the right location, some might still be a bit of a struggle but that's an extra challenge :D The PvE premium bonus could work, but then again that would require more PvE content which isn't implemented yet ;(

Kind regards and happy 2019!