My entry

Hi, decided to take part in this. Video abit rushed I had to make it in one day and I forgot couple things. But if it helps more people join then all good!

phpBB [video]

Regards Kinnu

Re: My entry

Awesome video man! I've been following your YT channel ever since we both used to play on GD. I don't know if you remember but I asked you a few questions about the server in the comment section of this video, so you managed to snag a new player within 30 minutes of the video going up. <3
I used to love your mage videos and look forward to any you decide to make on this server.

Re: My entry

Nice entry!
I want to ask, if the intro is the official nether crusade intro, or is it made by the uploader?
If it is the official intro of the website, can I use it for my entry for the contest?
Thanks in advance.