Forum Moderator Application Format

We are looking for game master, preferably from the EU
Requirements: 18+ and fluent English

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1. What is your in-game alias?

2. What is your real full name?

3. Where are you located?

4. What is your local time zone (GMT)?

5. How old are you? Include your birth date.

6. What are the best methods of contacting you? Include your contact information.

7. Which languages are you fluent in?

8. Have you ever moderated a vBulletin forum?

9. If the above is yes, where and how long have you been a moderator for?

10. Why are you no longer a moderator there?

11. What makes you think you would be a good candidate for this position?

12. Skype: <Name>

Note: Please do not contact us about your application using ingame tickets, it will not help you get accepted.