Hi all. Introduction and Question!

Wassup peeps of NC. I've only just found this server (courtesy of Kinnu's awesome video which I watched on his Youtube channel). I am enjoying the server a lot so far although I think we can all agree we need more players!!!
My name is Paul, I'm from England around 30 miles away from London. I have historically played Mage and Paladin (yes, I know there are already too many Paladins on this server so I will eventually make a mage, or play Holy).
In the meantime I have one pressing question. As a Ret Paladin I know that weapon speed makes a massive difference to how hard our abilities hit. A slower weapon is a better weapon. The starter weapons included the 'Crystal Spiked Maul' which has a 3.9 weapon speed (very slow and obviously the best starter weapon for a Ret).
I just got to Battle Experience 6 which gives me a choice of new weapons. From what I can see the best choice is 'Runeblade of Baron Rivendare' which has a 3.6 weapon speed so not as good as the Maul I have equipped, but has a base weapon damage of 6 DPS higher than the Maul.
Can anyone tell me which is better without me having to spend nearly 300g on a weapon which may be totally useless for me?

I'd appreciate any help guys <3
Thanks very much and I look forward to playing with all of you (and killing any horde I bump into).